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          • เงินสดเงินสด 100 เงินสดถอนเงินสด

            Heartfelt thanks to all our 2018 supporters: Above/Ground Press, Adam Fitzgerald, Alison Meyers, Andrea Rexilius, Andrea Quaid, Andrew Durbin, Ani A Quigley, Anna Gurton-Wachter, Anna Maria Hong, Argos Books, Ariel Goldberg, Asian American Writers Workshop, Asiya Wadud, Audra Wolowiec, aung.robo, Austin Thomas, Barbara Henning, Berl’s Poetry Shop, Betsy Andrews, Bill Mazza, Billie Tadros, Brenda Coultas, CA Conrad, Carey Maxon, Carla Harryman, Carmen Giménez Smith, Caroline Crumpacker, Carolyn Monastra, Cecile Chong, Celina Su, Charles Bernstein, Cheena Marie Lo, Chelsea Klopp, Chlo? Bass, Chris Warrington, Christine Shan Shan Hou, Claudia Rankine and John Lucas, Cole Swensen, Corina Reynolds, Dan Machlin, Dana Greene, Danspace, David Larsen, Deborah Meadows, Dorothy: A Publishing Project, Eileen…

          • Back-to-School Course Adoption Specials

            Teach the writings of the feminist avant-garde in your next course and get Belladonna* books at a deep discount, as well as complimentary instructor copies. Discounts available to non-traditional schools and reading groups, too!! Write to us at belladonnaseries [at] gmail.org for more information on special pricing. Browse our books and chapbooks.

          • Chaplets

            Belladonna* chaplets are short, raw works (often works-in-progress) by authors who appear in our reading series. These ephemeral, immediate works give insight into a writer’s process and timely concerns. Chaplets have attended Belladonna* readings since the series began in 1999 at Bluestockings Bookstore in New York, New York. The collection, which has grown to over 200 titles, represents a kind of pantheon of radical feminist letters. INDIVIDUALS: $5 eachINSTITUTIONS: $8 eachIf ordering more than one chaplet, please add each to your cart separately. Subscriptions begin at $100/year ($70 student rate) and get you a full year of chaplets (on average, 15 chaplets) mailed in December and May/June. More details here, or…

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